Strategy and Stuff.


You know that old saying about teachers:  “Those who can, do.  Those who can’t, teach.” It’s disgraceful. It implies that teaching is all theory and concept. It suggests there is no practice, or modeling or real doing.  Just posting lessons and leaving it to students to understand and retain.  While there is probably some of that going on, most teachers today try to make learning stimulating and experiential.

Strategy and planning some times get the same wrap.  Lots of talk but not a lot of practical doing.  I joke that I make paper for a living – strategic paper. Paper outlining the organizing principle brands follow through which they create sales and loyalty.  To some, strategy is the opposite of doing. Strategy is not an ad, not a customer acquisition piece, not a sales preso.  

When a song writer sits dong to write a song, s/he doesn’t have a strategy.  

Most people in advertising and marketing who make and shuffle stuff around like that part of the business. Making shiny stuff. I love making the shiny stuff work better.

When a teacher sees a student, years later, who has succeeded — it warms his of her heart. When I look at a brand strategy years later that lives on and thrives, well beyond the forgettable shiny stuff, I feel equal pride.  Peace.