Sunkist, the brand.


One of the greatest brands in the world is Sunkist. Why, you ask? Well — because that’s all Sunkist is. A brand. Sunkist doesn’t make anything or own anything really. It’s just a brand name licensed to number of producers who make everything from Sunkist oranges and juices to sodas and candies. All over the world. Sunkist does not manufacture a thing.

What they do manufacture are marketing programs, brand use rules, and lots of money. At one point around 1910, a Sunkist loyalty program designed to fend off competing merchants by awarding buyers a free spoon for every 12 oranges purchased, made Sunkist the country’s largest purchaser of cutlery.

From a simple organization of orange growers, using great brand management and smart advertising agents has grown a brand that brings a tingle to the mouth and a smile to billions of faces around the world.