Targeting and Brand Planning.


For the brand planner targeting is everything.  But it can also be ruinous.  Finding the largest grouping of people that may be willing to buy your product or service is Job One.  Then finding a value proposition that the outsized target shares is Job One A.

I recently read that Netflix has determined there are 2,000 “taste clusters” among their viewers/streamers.  Data science can cluster people pretty finitely. But in brand planning we see those 2,000 clusters as one. Finding one commonality in taste or attitude is a challenge. But hey, that’s the job.

And no, we won’t build a brand around hangers on. People who do not care enough to commit. That would water down the target even more.     

The challenge for the brand planner is to decide whom to exclude. Once you have a sense of outliers and why they are so, you can tighten up the key value.  Let’s face it, customers deserve more attention than hangers on.

When doing your targeting and parsing that large target to determine their most sought after desires, don’t water it down and lose identity. Be tight with your value prop. Be discrete with your value prop. And be memorable.