Archaeology and Brand Planning.


I wrote a brand plan for a friend who owns a commercial maintenance company. He came to me for some help redoing his website, and I told him the project required a brand brief before I could start.  His company does a couple million a year in office cleaning, snow removal, landscaping, painting, etc. He didn’t know what a brand plan or brand strategy was, but shined me on and let me do my thing. Even if it delayed his website dev.


The brand plan was ridiculous (kid version). The idea active, exciting and a perfect reflection of his company at its best. The planks were pristine, clean and oh so memorable. Back pat, back pat. I often use this plan as an example when talking to clients and prospects. The idea, for this plan came from the CEO. He’s a unique dude.  His approach to business and his company is pretty close to perfect. I followed his lead and packaged it in a way that consumers could remember and repeat.  But what would happen if given the same challenge and a different CEO?  Someone with less business acumen? Someone with a little lazy bone in their make-up? 

Well, it would clearly have changed the idea.  It would have required more digging and sifting. Ultimately if may have made a case for less lazy, more active. If lazy CEO needed to do something differently as a business winning proposition, it would have to be figured into the equation. Mildy. Socratically. (Remember, the person may really have just wanted a website.) The idea must fit the business and all businesses are different. Some are harder than others and require a deep dig. Every brand has an answer and a solution.  Peace.