The Cheese Economy.



There’s a new trend in marketing — it’s called you get what you pay for. Not you get what you bet on. Or you get what you hedge. Or you get what may appreciate.


Too much of the economy has been about investing in the promise of returns. That’s what venture capital funds are saying as they get ready to cut way back. It’s what drove the financial industry meltdown. And the Internet start-up boom. 


Today, people are spending their hard earned on real stuff. They are shopping and comparing – even enjoying the pursuit of value.  American’s are tired of wasting money. Sure they will buy a new BMW, but only after making sure it’s a good value. No more cheese. No more futures. People want brick and mortar stability. Not products built to last 9 months.


The companies that will do well in this recovering economy are those who market smart. Build products with predictable returns. Good products. With efficient pricing. And proper promotion. Bet on packaged goods. Housewares.  Durables. Peace!