The Farewell Idea.


“Farewell, My Queen” is a movie I really want to see.  I love historical pieces with great attention to detail.  It’s transporting and a great way to learn.  The movie focuses on three days during the storming of the Bastille and the French Revolution, from the point of view of those in Versailles, specifically Marie Antoinette.

If you have ever been to Versailles, you know it alone is worth a movie.  Add the French Revolution, the amazingly complicated, interpreted and storied Marie Antoinette and you have a golden opportunity.  But cast Lea Seydoux in the lead and make us dive into what it must be like to know a country is coming for you, and you have drama in capital letters.

This movie was based upon a book, but the idea at the heart of it was quite simple: What must it have been like for Marie Antoinette during the storming of the Bastille? Every great piece of art and selling idea with ballast is born of an idea. What is your idea?  Peace.