The future of daily news.


The Daily News newspaper is up for sale. It is a money losing effort and has been for years but is one of the greatest NYC brands. Sadly, what it means to be a newspaper man has changed over the last two decades. The web has trumped the paper’s ability to share fresh news. Papers have become what old people consume, while young people read and watch digital media. And $.75 for an individual size serving of news isn’t a commercially forward idea anymore.

The Daily News has a lot going against it, related to this contextual point and time in the business. What is shouldn’t lose sight of, however, is the fact that news is still in demand. As is great writing, analysis and curation. The Daily News has to forget about is paper legacy and revert to some killer news collection, reporting and investigating work. Have you seen what passes for entertainment these days on TV and movies? We certainly have the appetite for crime, corruption and mystery.

The Daily News needs to find 10 brilliant news junkies, embedded in the cultures of today, and turn them into journalistic celebrities. Let everyone else at the paper learn from them. And publish. Don’t worry about ink and paper, worry about news content. Who knows a daily paper paper may still work.

This is the craft economy. Great journalism is a craft. The Daily News’ new owner needs to find some new blood for this new age and move the brand forward. It’s new school journalism. But it’s still the news. And in NYC it’s on every corner.