The good the bad and the good.


Lots of people like to predict the future. As someone who professes to work beyond the dashboard, here is my two cents. The following trends are business opportunities and societal movements.

First THE BAD:

Privacy – With the economy fueled by the purchase of lots of new internet connected devices, using few monetization models beyond advertising, more consumer data will be tracked, more ways, in more places than ever before.

Over Medication – If you watch the evening news and are of a certain age you will see we are running out of pharmaceutical brand names. They are getting more ridiculous and unpronounceable by the hour. Don’t get me wrong, some of the work is utter genius. The rest is all about profit. When we need meds to counteract the side effects of other meds it’s time to take a breath.

Security – With privacy compromization (Why is this not a word?) a business model, security companies will continue to grow in importance. Think over medication.

Sedentariness — Our reliance on automobiles for short term transportation is literally killing us. And the planet. But it does give us more time to eat and relax.



Democratization – As more people around the world have a voice and governance becomes more plural, tolerance will grow and famine of the belly, soul and mind will recede.

Craft Economy – As household members take more responsibility for the consumption patterns of their families societies will evolve away from waste. As our leisure time grows thanks to technology and we begin to focus that time on DIY projects, the purchase and creation of products that last, and living more sustainably, the ecosystem will improve.

Learning – The web has created the ability for us to commune with and learn from other people on the planet. It is the biggest positive change in our recordable history. Once we stop trying to monetize it and focus on learning from our worldly cousins, we will heavy up the good side of the ledger.

What have I missed? Peace.