The Holy Google Empire

“For Google to maintain its current momentum, it needs to become the king of something else beyond search, or play a meaningful role in a market that is much larger than the $16B online advertising market,” said Jordan Rohan, an analyst with RBC Capital Market.”
Take this quote from today’s New York Times and substitute the word “Rome” for “Google,” and you begin to see how voraciousness and gluttony can fuel an empire’s downfall. Google is search. That’s what it does best. What arguably makes it a good fit with YouTube is that Google allows for efficient search of videos. The Google article noted above is about Google getting into the TV ad sales business. This will work, if, and only if, Google focuses on searching for available and open TV inventory, rather than providing strategic ad sales, which goes way beyond technology.
Eric Schmidt, please don’t forget what happened to the Roman Empire…or any empire for that matter.