The Hoodie.



The hoodie is a fascinating piece of clothing. Functional anthropologists would have a field day interpreting what’s up. One obvious association with the hoodie is the urban look. I took my son — who fancies himself a bit ghetto — on a college visit last fall and as we got out of the car his pants were adroop and the hoodie up. One minute after viewing the khaki and tee-shirt bedecked landscape it flew off.

For me, hoodies are a way of hiding…of building intrigue. The “stand” of the hood and the area it covers is quite important. Just enough shadow, just enough peripheral vision. I’d love to plan on a piece of hoodie business because it’s so rich in cultural surround. Nike clearly sees the upside and is trying to crossover the hoodie into a sportswear sell, is taking a nice shot at it with this TV spot.

The film is beautifully done and the “ink” thing is a stylized way to embed imagery and build product desire.  The product name, however, is quite silly. “Where the Nike Hoodie AW77s at?” “Excuse me, where are the Hoodie AW77s?” A bigger factor in the success (or lack thereof) of this product may that it is on TV. In this category, by the time it’s on TV it’s probably over. Peace!