The Magic Logic Partnership.


The dichotomy of creative and strategy has been around in marketing and advertising for ever. There was a times in the 1800s when “We’re Here advertising” worked. Demand so out-stepped supply that all you had to do is tell people where to buy your product and the transaction began.  I experienced this back in the 90s when all AT&T Network Services had to do to sell Cat 5 computer wire was to publish an address in the Thailand edition of Computer World magazine.  Today competition is too great. Marketing has to be competitive and advertising great.

The strategy/creative dichotomy was explained quite nicely last week, during a viewing and discussion of the film about Sir John Hegarty with outgoing CSO of BBH Sarah Watson. “I provide the logic, you provide the magic.” Succinct is always best.

When one applies magic against logic it’s a recipe for success. Magic by itself, not so much.

Brand planners are in the logic business. The more the magic can excite the magic makers the better.

Magic. Logic. It’s a nice living.