Topshop Opens in NYC.


I know nothing about fashion beyond 501 jeans and a tee-shirt. (Once, during the punk years, I put egg whites in my hair to spike it up, thinking asking someone how to spike your hair would have been very un-punk. That meringue-ey night was my last foray into fashion.) But I do know a bit about selling stuff…and the new fashion store that opened in SOHO last week, Topshop, is going to kill.  Topshop is a fashion emporium currently tearing it up in the U.K. – even during the downturn.


Here’s their formula for success: cool clothes that are reasonably priced, a great address, a line by Kate Moss (fashion gold), DJ booth, 32 changing rooms and a V.I.P. suite.   NY has more Kate Moss’s than gum on the subway platform, but where do you think they are all going to do their shopping now? Hmm?  When not working, NYers are always on the prowl for the next “cool.” This is it!  Peace!