It really ticks me off when conservatives fly big flags on their trucks and pepper their rhetoric with words like patriot as if those were theirs’ alone.  When republicans and conservatives try to co-opt these words and symbols it’s good brand craft but disingenuous politics. Eddie Vedder sings “I am a patriot and I love my country.” I’m with him.

Former president Trump is getting ready to launch a new social media platform so he can have his free flow voice back.  As you know he’s been stricken from Twitter and Facebook for inflammatory content. His new platform, I read today, will be called TRUTH Social.  

I have lots of conservative friends. I love the Yin and Yang that is American politics. It keeps everybody on their toes. It keeps the populace engaged. Charged up.  It’s why our democracy has been around so long — this two-party system.  But based upon the social media slinging of the last few years, attempting to co-opt the word truth as a conservative tenet seems a little bit of a reach. But debatably it’s probably good brand craft.

Back in the day, you could not air an ad on TV that made a superiority claim without proof. Commercials with claims had to be submitted to Network Standards and Practices before being aired. They were truth-tested.  

I am all for free speech. I’m all for truth. But I do feel truth in politics is being watered down. Will Truth-ish be a word for this decade?