TV Channel Explosion.


My son turned me on to a TV show called “The Dog Whisperer.”  Cesar Millan, the host, helps people who have dogs who behave poorly.  Many of the dogs have anger management issues. Mostly, Cesar trains owners — that’s what makes the show so endearing. I just read that the show will be produced now for China, a country that has a “couple two, tree” dogs.

I’m not sure what the ratings are in the U.S. but this show feels first to market and like a one-of-a-kind production. It’s a no-brainer. We already have enough cop shows don’t you think? Look up and down your block and count the houses with dogs. Lots of houses. It wouldn’t surprise me that in 5 years there’s a dog channel on TV.

Whoever came up with this program idea is someone who operates beyond the dashboard. A person who sees what is next. People who own dogs,  love dogs.  People who love dogs will watch TV about dogs – especially How To shows.  Think “This Old House.”

As TV takes up more and more hours in our lives thanks to streaming and smaller, portable devices, marketing planners will continue to refine our choices. The woodworking channel is coming. Archeology. Type 2 Diabetes channel. And to the market planners will go many spoils. Peace!