Tweeting the Corporation.



Who should tweet the corporate Twitter account? Should it be one person or a pack? The CEO? CMO? A wired newbie?  And if the tweets are more than just customer care, which is so 2009, what should that person tweet about? Regarding the “what,” use the brand plan as your guide.  All 140 characters of every corporate Tweet should be on plan


For example, a protein drink whose brand idea is “uncovering the taste of pure protein” and whose planks are tastes better, digests easier, and improves health — should only allow these messages to market. Every tweet should push these planks.  Metaphorically speaking, these messages are deposits in the brand bank. When you know what your “brand money” is and organize it with a brand plan marketing success is just around the corner.  And as to who should Tweet the corporate account, if you follow the plan it doesn’t matter. Peace!