Twitch Point Planning Explained


Go Forth and Twitch is the title of a post on something I call Twitch Point Planning. It’s been getting some search traction online. Twitch Point Planning is a communications planning tool ,the goal of which is to move prospects closer to a sale. I define a twitch as a media action when a prospect moves from one medium to another in search of more product information or sales information. For example, if you were reading a novel about a whitewater rafting trip and wanted to search similar vacations, you might pick up your phone and search “whitewater rafting trips.” That’s a twitch. A move from book to phone. That’s how people shop. Across media.

Most twitches resolve to a Google search. But not all.

In Twitch Point Planning you have to “understand, map and manipulate” customers to your sales content or point-of-sale.  Rather than looking at customer journey, we manipulate the media and learning journey. Twitch Point Planning is more behavior-based and predictive than is a normal media buy.

Using he aforementioned whitewater rafting trip, the twitch point planner might attempt to remove obstacles to a sale along the way, e.g., kids too young, skin cancer, water snakes, by placing content along the way – more twitches — intended to remove obstacle. Perhaps under the guise of a “field guide to whitewater rafting for first timers.” Of “first timers discussion board.” YouTube, Wikipedia, Pinterest, the local library — all can be integrated into your Twitch Point Plan.

Selling is about learning. Let’s evolve our learning tools.