Twitter Spam


Habitat, a British furniture company, spammed Twitter recently hawking a sales promotion tied to hashtag Mousavi (#mousavi).  Smartly, recognizing its error, Habitat posted an apologetic retraction, and even used “Social Media Today” to help spread the word.


Unfortunately, this type spammy promotion has only just begun. Like dinner time telemarketing, and “enhancement” ads in email, we can expect legions of marketers to jump on board and phantom tweet us for their own gains. Que nuisance!  


This being the Internet age, the technologists at Twitter will no doubt quickly figure out a way around it, but it will cost them time, money and resources. And considering Twitter has no monetization strategy in play, this spamming issue will be a setback resource-wise.  Let’s wish them well and in the meantime do our best to police this bogus crap.   Peace!