we’re number ONE.

U.S.News and World Report has ranked Cleveland Clinic #1 in America for heart care, 13 years in a row.
One of my pet advertising peeves is award ads. They are done often and they are done awfully.  Every once in a while a smart ad person (not like those on A&E’s “Mad Men’) gets the assignment and does a great job. They make it simple: put the word out and don’t over embellish it or dial up the self-importance. They just give the facts in an elegant creative envelope.
Cleveland Clinic’s full-page print ad had the first sentence of this post as its headline. Beneath it was a picture of U.S.News and World Report standing up, folded all the way open at the center spread until the pages touched at the bottom, forming the shape of a heart. You can read the title of the magazine, see a picture of a physician, and read the words from the cover “America’s Best…”
The “#1” isn’t laid out in huge type, no bombast, everything is classy and factual. Just like you’d want your heart surgery. The Cleveland Clinic is doing more to revitalize Cleveland (the brand) than the Tribe and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame combined.