“We’re Here” Video.


I write a lot about “We’re Here” advertising.  Typically these ads do little more than tell readers a product names, maybe what it does, and where to find it.  It is the lowest form of advertising.

Yesterday, I watched a video that lasted maybe :90 and it reminded me of We’re Here advertising.  Fairly well produced, it lacked a stout claim and, more importantly, it lacked proof. Effectively, it was a We’re Here video. 

What did the video convey? It explained a particular part of the health care industry today. It shared some trends in healthcare. And a few problems providers are facing related to shrinking fees. Then, in the selling portion of the video, it talked about services provided and benefits resulting from those services, e.g., make more money, improve efficiency.

If “make more money” was the claim, then what the video lacked was “proof” of that claim. There was no evidence. Nothing tangible. You can’t tell a story that is all promise and no substance. All the video had to do was identity one problem, an actionable insight and an outcome.

Consumers are tired of promise. They want proof.