What’s Above the Fold?


Here’s the thing about the internet. Here’s the thing about marketing. People need to know what your product or service is before they buy it. In a real world retail setting if your jar of white stuff is next to the mayo, you are probably selling mayo. If your light bulb is on a shelf in an auto parts store, it’s probably a for the car.

For new or establishing brands on the web there is no such context. Your name is context. Your picture is context, as long as you meet accessibility requirements. I learned all this at a startup that was too many things to too many people…and it sunk us.

Take a look at this screen grab from Strasmore and tell me what they do. ‘Xactly. What do you think the bounce rate is for someone who doesn’t know the company?  Dig a little and you may get they offer cloud services and back up and consulting but, hell, that could be anyone.

I have a little trick I call the Is-Does. What a brand Is and what a brand Does. If you don’t nail the Is-Does above the fold on your homepage, you are awash in the ether.

Imagine if you were someone who changed their name every week. Kinda like that.