Where the Geezers At?


I’m part of a demographic group that indexes very low for blogging.  Only 7% of people over the age of 50 blog.  So where my people at?  What are they doing?  A bunch are finding there way onto Facebook.  And they’re using the web for search and commerce. They are “liking” the Jefferson Airplane and “Grateful Dead,” using the ether to remember the good old days. I suspect a handful are being social commentators on politics and morality, but probably limited to commenting rather than real Posting. 

I’m just not feeling any high octane communications from the older guard.  Where’s the mentoring?  It not like Millennials don’t need it?  Hell, they are listening to our music. (Disclosure, I like rap.) And just because the geezers don’t “check in” or “tweet” or “text” doesn’t mean they are out of it.

I want to hear first-hand from those who landed on the beaches of Normandy. I want to read stories about Woodstock. I want to hear from a real Mad Man.  WordPress or some other blogging platform needs a campaign to gray up the web.  Make it easier to set up sites and post. Plumb the depths of the blogging underserved. We need to hear from the 93% of those who are silent. This is a big commercial opportunity! It will make the web more exciting.  And timeless. Peace.