Writing an Effective NPR Billboard Part 3.


Readers of the my last two blog posts know I’m writing a :15 radio billboard for What’s The Idea?

So let’s try to morph this mishegas (Yiddish) of preparation into a 15 second read.

NPR is brought to you by…

What’s The Idea?  A brand strategy consultancy that studies customer “care-abouts” and brand “good-ats” to create an organizing principle for content marketing. This words-only, one-page brand strategy takes the guesswork out of every  marketing decision.  WWW.Whatstheidea.com

Okay I was able to accomplish 4 of the 5 tasks needed for a successful billboard. I didn’t have time to hit the last point, explaining what makes my consultancy a good choice over others. That said, by properly explaining the Is-Does, the offer, and what’s in it for the consumer – hopefully in a clear, concise way – I will have differentiated What’s The Idea? Many brand shops have a hard time ‘splainin’ brand strategy.

So onward now. It’s time to buy some time.

As they say, stay tuned.