Communities, more or less.


When it comes to online social networks or communities, I vote “more.”  It is human nature to commune with like-minded individuals, so the growth of communities will tend to be toward more communities, with smaller villages of interest.  Dogster is a community of dog lovers/owners.  Is Muttster not in our future. And Pomeranianster?

In its infancy, social networking and its first sites are expectedly huge, but following the television model where we moved from 3 channels to 700, we have only just begun the shake out the possibilities.  And don’t forget, refined, no-waist targeting is a major plus for advertisers. 

“Copy” as Agency of the Year


It wasn’t that long ago that the word copy dominated the lexicon of the big advertiser. It was a synonym for creative, for TV, for tagline, even strategy. A good creative idea, delivered in the form of memorable copy (or string of compelling words) was the basis of the business. It’s what advertising agencies did…and still do.

Great copy cannot be developed consistently by consumers. Though a blind squirrel does, indeed, find an acorn every now and again…

Agencies aren’t going away any time soon.

“You” as Ad Agency of the Year.


This week Advertising Age awarded its annual Agency of the Year honors to “You.” On the heals of Time Magazine naming “You” Person of the Year, this award is a little, shall we say, derivative.
Though anyone can make an ad, only a select few can make good ads.  If the consumers are the advertising agency of the year, the business is in real trouble.  The business is changing, yes.  But ad agencies will continue to be the best agents of the selling arts in the near and distant future.