A Business Meme: The Craft Economy.


A little bit of a 4-trick pony when I land on a market insight, I ride it and ride it and milk it in What’s the Idea? Todays trick is The Craft Economy.  Words are important, brand planner agree, and the word “craft,” according to Jeremiah Owyang, may not do my craft economy business meme justice. Jeremiah feels it may suggest more “arts and crafts” than I intend. Michaels Stores kind of things.  The reality is, the word was borrowed more from craft beer than the ribbon and button set.

To me the craft economy is about craftsmanship. It’s about building things that last. Physical things that can be passed down through generations – not thrown into the landfill.  Things we repair. In my current Henning Mankel book, a character suggested civilization took a turn for the worse when we stopped darning our or socks.

As technological advances create more leisure time for Americans and Europeans we need to find more life-positive things to do with our hands and minds.  The TV, eating, drinking are not the best of pastimes.  By focusing on save-the-planet activities we will save ourselves.  That’s the craft economy. And maybe there is some art in that.