A Facebook Confessional.


I have two Facebook accounts, one for my friends and another for What’s The Idea?, my brand and marketing consultancy.  The latter is really unused but I wanted the URL  Last week I posted something called “Brand Strategy Uncoupled” to my friend feed in an Account Planning Group and my blog traffic quintupled.  I rarely post anything in Facebook (friend) about business. That said, I am, there, a participant in a couple of business groups.   

Today I’m reading a news story about how people are wondering if Facebook is altering the news feeds for political gain.  Some of the statistics bandied about suggest 60% of people get their news from Facebook. Facebook has come a long way in the last 10 years. Ten years ago it was for college kids only and had 18M users.  Today it is a cover story in the NYT “algorithm with Agenda” and may become a political hot potato.

It is times for me to take Facebook more seriously as a business tool. This morning I dusted off the business account username and password and will start posting What’s The Idea? updates and memes in the feed with regularity. I have 65 friends for business and 285 on my main account. It will be interesting to see how the former grows.   

I still believe Facebook is for friends, LinkedIn for business, Twitter for “stream of personality,” and Instagram for the artistically inclined.  That said, there is no arguing Facebook today is for everyone and everything.