A Loose Assemblage of Tactics…


A logo is not a business. Marketing is not strategy.

I don’t mean to go all geezer on you but there are a lot of digital natives who think as long as they have a logo, they have a business. Well, any biped with a couple of fingers now adays can create a logo.  And thanks to Google, reinventor of the advertising business, any biped with some digits can also jump into marketing with little forethought. Keywords anyone? Marketing is not strategy. Sadly, in many cases today marketing is a loose assemblage of tactics.

As someone in the strategy business, I find this concerning. I don’t mean to paint all digital natives with the same brush. Many get the value of a finely tuned business idea and business-building strategic plan. But a business plan that is simply a loose assemblage of tactics is not a strategy.

Strategy is the linkage between a business goal and accountability. Strategy is the lens one looks through when determining tactical success or failure. Without strategy marketing is binary. It works or it doesn’t. It is off or on. One or zero.

Brand strategy allows marketers to measure effectiveness beyond the tactic. It maps consumer attitudes and beliefs to business success. It’s long term.

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