A New Keyboard Key for Content Marketing.


I want! Now that’s a metric. If you are old enough to have children, you’re familiar with this whine. It is such a wonderful learned behavior that young, young children will sit on the floor repeating “I want, I want, I want.” Sometimes even without telling you what they want.

crying childWith all the discussions about lack of social media and content marketing metrics – metrics tracking to sales — a “want” key may very well be in order. That’s what marketers do for a living, isn’t it — create desire? It doesn’t mean consumers have to buy this very minute, but it would be nice to know that a communications expression of product or service has convinced a consumer to want the product. This is not a “like.” Attention, this is not a like. It’s a want. It’s not time-on-page either. It’s not a share. And it definitely is not a LOL.

The Net Promoter Score asks a consumer if s/he is likely to do business with a given company. Movement of this score in a positive direction is a very nice metric. But it is not measured on a comms by comms basis. That would be nirvana. That would be instant persuasion testing. That would be a “want button.”

Am I asking for too much? I WAAAANT a want button on my PC/Mac/keyboard. And it’s coming. Peace!