Alarming Marketing Data from Google.


This just in: Google earnings are up but the price per share dropped. Why?  Because it’s underperforming in mobile. The most interesting fact in the NYT story was this:

  • Mobile ads cost a half to two-thirds more than do desktop served ads, but lead to purchase a quarter to a third less.

Readers who have heard me espouse Twitch Point Planning will perhaps see how the “mapping and manipulating” of consumers closer to a sale with a digital buildable (content seems too flat a term) will outperform an ad the size of a wax bean.

I’ve spoken with some pretty smart people in the business — really smart people — and as much as they all think about “what’s next,” they have a hard time grasping that a twitch point buildable is a better revenue generator than an ad.  For some, I guess, vision is about only what you can see. Where Christopher Columbus is???

Marketers need to think about Twitch Points. Only then should they think about content marketing. Content marketing without a brand plan is typing and recording. Content marketing without understanding (fast twitch) digital media and consumer purchase behavior is what?  Advertising. 


UPDATE:  After the market opened today, the share price of Google soared over $1,000 before retreating slightly.  I guess investors think Google will fix the mobile ad problem.