The Affordable Care Act Image Problem.


The Affordable Car Act (JKJK), the Affordable Care Act, has an image problem.  Sure the govie website doesn’t work and sure the all the databases that feed the “accept” button are speak different languages — but that’s not atypical in the technology business. The problem is that the masses believe the beneficiaries of ACA are the poor. And that’s an image problem and inaccurate. I know people under economic pressure, without insurance, who would benefit greatly from the program. Some with preexisting medical conditions. One of these people is so anti-Obama, so anti-government that s/hey won’t look at the website. Image problem. Too angry, too proud, too too…

It doesn’t help that the gov’t has allowed the insurance service to be called ObamaCare rather than the Affordable Care Act.  And it doesn’t help that the image of the act is tied to serving the Medi-s (Care and Caid).  In the future, when this thing works (think dial-up service early on rather than broadband), we will have smarter, more efficient, more effective healthcare…in the most advanced country in the world. Not care ranked 23rd or whatever globally. Embarrassment, at that point in time, will come from the people who were gouging Americans for hip replacement devices, not people who shows a government (state or fed) insurance card.  

The government should have seen this coming,  I’m all for fixing the exchanges and the product experience, but maybe we should have dealt with the image up front; made this thing an aspirational American right, not a political football.  Peace.