America has Voted. Finally.

Yesterday I wrote about the next big thing. Well, here’s an even bigger thing. America woke up last month and started buying smaller cars en masse. Out with the Tahoes, out with the F-Series, out with the Rams. Twenty percent of all new car sales in April ’08 were compacts. All the size-queen car buyers are beginning to see the light. But that’s not the next big thing.
The business you want to be in is SUV and heavy duty pick-up truck disposal. In one year’s time, our country streets will begin to look less like Lubbock and more like Milan. So long as our cars don’t go meep-meep when we honk, I’m cool with it. JK.  In my minds eye, we’ll need a state the size of Delaware to dispose of all the SUVs and truck being traded in.  These big honkin’ machines have to go somewhere. I suspect they will be melted down for metal – a good thing – but what will we do with all the plastic?
The business to be in is SUV and Truck recycling. And the day hasn’t come too soon. Take a deep breath.