Mobile Uploads.

I posted yesterday about predicting the future, well here’s one. It may not be the next big thing but it’s coming. There are a lot of video bloggers out there today but only a handful of bloggers who like to post video in real time. My favorite blogger is Robert Scoble ( and he loves posting video on the fly. He wears it like a badge. You can often hear him say during an interview “you can’t take that back the bits are gone.”  
The time it takes for one video blogger to get home and upload a video file is the time it takes to get scooped, so more and more serious bloggers are looking for ways to upload in situ. Mr. Scoble uses a service called Qik. It’s probably the best option out there but the quality is sometimes sketchy. The ability to perfect mobile uploads of video, is the next big thing. 
At Web 2.0 Expo, it was fun watching Robert walking down the street with one hand on his Nokia N95 video phone, the other on his battery charger — a necessity for any video blogger — watching the video send bars build. His eyes twinkled as he sent his message to the masses.