Are we vote crazy?

The presidential election should be huge.
Why is that? Because the economy is in the dumper? Because “W” has besmirched America’s reputation in many places around the world? Because the price of gas is soaring and we’re in a war that might last 100 years? Nope. 
The reason we’re going to have record turn out is because we’ve gone vote crazy. Thanks to American Idol and the internet, our kids have grown up voting daily. Perhaps hourly. We rate and rank online social media, newspaper articles, TV performers, iPod tunes. Popular culture today comes with a counter. As the digital culture grows and more content and information are available to us, we need data filters to help us think. 
I love that we will have a huge turn out for the election. I just hope we as a country vote based upon what we feel about the candidates, rather than what we think the data is telling us, e.g., which candidate has more friends on MySpace.