Brand Strategy and Shortcuts


There’s an old axiom in police work that suggests the ability to solve a murder drops off precipitously if there isn’t a solid lead within 48 hours.  In brand strategy development, nothing could be further from the truth. It’s a long process. At What’s The Idea?– and we’re quick — it takes a good month.

I don’t even fire up the strategy side of my brain for good two weeks.  I need to collect.  Data, stories, insights, visual cues, user experiences, the list goes on. Everything contributes.

Maybe early patterns emerge before I get thoughtful, but those are often false dawns. I require lots of information before I begin the boil down. Snap judgments early on can taint the process. Clean slate, clean slate.

When you have enough info on your brand to start dreaming about it, you are in the neighborhood. You are getting closer.  When the information starts cascading like a waterfall in one direction. That’s when it’s time to put the strategy hat on and start writing.

Mark Pollard’s book is called Strategy Is Your Words. Strategy is your work, as well. Don’t make short cuts.