Why Some Brand Strategy Is Left At The Altar.


No early stage venture capital investor worth her salt would put millions into a company without feeling the focus of the founders.  If there’s a good Is-Does, unfettered by objective sprawl and feature-phoria, early stage investors act quickly.  It is focus that makes the investment attractive.   Focus makes naming easy. Hiring easy. Patent search easy. It is focus that makes code more elegant.

The reason What’s The Idea? is in business is because many mature companies lack focus. It’s hard to have a restaurant when you can’t figure out your cuisine.

Brand strategy starts with an assessment of business strategy then it slides into marketing and positioning strategy. Not marketing and positioning strategies – strategy, singular. Many mature companies have meandered in their growth and attempt at growth. 

When mature companies come to me for brand strategy, they’re admitting they need more focus (We’re like a cat in a marble hallway.”). The paper solution, oddly, is the easiest part. Mustering the fortitude to actuate that focus is hard.  It’s why some brand strategy is left at the altar.