Patagonia’s Real Passion.


Patagonia is a clothing company with one of the biggest hearts on the planet. It certainly wears its heart on its sleeve. But the issues about which it cares most, the health of the planet, are perhaps not best served by making jackets, parkas and anoraks. This company’s passion might be best served by getting into the business of manufacturing products, services and technologies that actually save the planet: solar panels, transportation devises that aren’t fossil fuel powered, water bottles that dissipate in months, not decades, etc.  If anyone can create Silicon Valley of sustainable planetary practices, it’s these guys.

Style is cultural and ephemeral. Planetary health is epochal.

This is what they loves. This is where Patagonia’s heads are. This type of passion and love provide the best nesting ground for innovation.  Come on Patagonia, get out of the schmatta business and get into the planet health business.