Brand Strategy Uptake.


I have reading a lot of articles lately about U.S. Military being used in an “advisory” role with allies.  In Syria, in Africa… it is a good way to keep our men and women out of harm’s way and improve the chances of ally success. Yesterday American soldiers accompanied Somalian solders on a raid but did not participate. They stayed on or by the helicopters, no doubt providing logistical, intelligence and strategic assistance.

Implementing brand strategy — affecting an organizing principle for product, experience and messaging – requires similar advisory support before truly turned over the plan to the owner. Brand strategy is never a total culture change for a product, it’s more a refinement, but the refinement requires strong commitment and oversight.  Brand strategy in the marketing department alone, is only a start. It is not until every employee gets the “claim and proof” strategy can true change occur.

The first year is the roughest. It is a learning year. It is a teaching year. It is the year of “no.” Training is key. Advisors are key. This is how you affect brand strategy uptake. And, dare I say, win marketing wars.