Brick and Mortar Reopening During Coronavirus.


No one is shopping during these days of the Coronavirus. But everybody is buying. If you are in a store today you are not browsing the aisles, you’re looking to grab something(s) and check out. It’s a life or death pursuit, even for deniers. In brick and mortar stores today, “This ain’t no Amazon.”

So here’s how retailers should be responding on prem (sorry, in store). Help by walking around. Disinfect areas that have high likelihood of being touched. Offer hand sanitizer. Nudge people to be 6 feet apart – using an approving eye. Do everything you can to help customer know their health and safety is your biggest concern. Sure, answer where the potting soil or gnocchi are but understand your fist job is to let customers know there is a deep undercurrent of safety at your retail location.

This is how we transition customers toward more shopping, which we all know leads to even more buying.