As a kid in the advertising business I was once dressed down by McCann Erickson’s creative director for making a minor copy change to the call-to-action on an ad.  In front of the copywriter, who apparently ratted me out, I was told in no uncertain terms never to change copy.  I guess it would “f” up the art, the gestalt, the continuity.  (She was right, of course.)

Anyway, if an account manager with intimate knowledge of the client and consumer can’t couldn’t change a word or two, why in the world would we cede control over the entire message to a consumer?  Cessation of message control to consumers is going to send our already reeling business even further down the rabbit hole.  As it has with Network TV.  We’ve ceded control of TV to consumers, to a degree, by going the reality TV route.

It all will get better, but we’re in for a rocky couple of years.

Peace one (whatever that means.)