Coke is Fishing where the Fish Are.

Coca-Cola sells the equivalent of a billion bottle of Coke annually in China so they know a little bit about the world’s fastest growing consumer market. That said, their marketers will be put to the test if the purchase of Beijing juice maker China Huiyuan Juice Company goes through. (For the record, this is stroke of genius by Coca-Cola. Huiyuan is already outselling the category by 19%.)
Before going in and changing the package design and marketing messaging, I’d suggest living with what they have now for a few months and do a deep dive on consumer attitudes and juice proclivities. I would research the kids, parents and especially the elders.  We like to say here in the states that “change is good,” but with the amount of change China is undergoing having a big multinational swoop in and alter a leading beverage brand will require finesse. Leave the cowboys at home Coke, do this one right (like Kraft Foods did with Oreos,) and you will have a Harvard Business School case of which you can be proud.