Dogs sell…and smell.

For as long as I’ve know them, Orsun Munn and Peter Rabot of Munn Rabot have had a nice hand with their advertising. Always elegantly designed, often driven by a strong idea, these guys get it.
It’s an old advertising maxim that pictures of dogs and babies generate readership. One of Munn Rabot’s biggest clients, New York Presbyterian, uses two cute little white doggies as the focal point of a current print ad next to the headline “Amazing Things Are Happening Here.” The copy points out that NYP is using dogs therapeutically to help lower blood pressure and relieve depression, which is not really big news, but it goes on to offer that “dogs have even displayed an ability to provide early cancer detection through scent.”   That is news. That’s amazing. That’s an ad.
I often go on about how great copywriters and great planners find the brilliant kernel of information that can create a truly winning selling message. Whoever found this kernel earned his or her paycheck.