FitBit ….A Little Bit (50 Cent)

The FitBit Tracker, an small Internet-connected device with a motion sensor, was introduced last week at the TechCrunch 150. (TechCrunch150 is an annual celebration and presentation of cool new tech companies.)  The FitBit Tracker helps monitor health when it is attached to the clothes by tracking and recording things like steps taken, minutes sedentary, etc.  It then sends data to a basestation, presumably placed in your home or office.  If you attach FitBit to your pajamas and sleep fitfully, that is also recorded. Very smart little gizmo.
For those so inclined (not reclined) who wish to log on to the Internet and write down what they’ve eaten each day that, too, will be factored into your health report. Now I know many of us are often sooooo busy we don’t pay attention to the physiological signs of poor health, e.g., shortness of breath, aches and pains, listlessness, but come on now!  Do we really need a $99 techie reminder? If you look down and can’t see the FitBit on your belt, get out of the house and so something.