Full Frontal Selling. Meh.


Why are we so attracted to nudity? Is it a prurient interest? Are we sex crazed? I think not. It has to do with the fact that we’re always clothed. Others’ nudity is uncommon. It peaks our interest. It fascinates.

Advertising is the total opposite. Advertising leaves nothing to the imagination. Claim, claim, claim. No warts, wrinkles or negatives. In advertising nothing is really left to the imagination. Full frontal selling. Most of it, anyway.

A more powerful approach to ad creation would be to learn what stimulus you need to get someone to want your product or service. It’s the “feel something, do something” approach. Full frontal ads implore consumer to do something. They go straight to the do.  Good ads accomplish both.  “Feel and do” ads like Corona, showing wonderful beach imagery, use both steps.

Don’t tell consumers what to do…make them ready to do. Create an environment where they want to see more, experience more. Tease consumers into purchasing.