Google…Leaving the Building.


Part of the fun of blogging is to go on record and predict how other people’s marketing initiatives will turn out.  One of the questions I ask when doing such prognostication is “Does the move further the corporate strategy?” Or, in my simplified worldview, does it further the branding “idea.” 


When I first read about Google’s forays into online radio, print and TV ad sales I was surprised and befuddled…and expected them to fail. As of yesterday, only the TV ad sales business is still alive.  I’m not a big fan of a number of Google’s non-core business apps: Write, Google Docs, the spread sheet program; they are all nice novelties. But what do they do to further Sergey Brin’s initial brand idea We deliver the world’s information in one click”?  

While director of marketing at, a social computing platform, my directive to employees was to ask themselves every day as they left the building “What did I do today to make Zude the “fastest, easiest way to build an manage a website?”  That’s was a focused mission. That was an idea.  Google needs a "leaving the building" question.