Google To Generate Electricity?


Here’s a wacky thought: As the processing power of computing and mobile devices increases and the price of those devices come down, and as cloud computing reduces the cost of software, it won’t be long before the most expensive part of information technology is electricity. Even now, many huge data centers are being located nearer electric plants to reduce the transmission costs. See where I’m going with this?

As Google gobble, gobble, gobbles its way into our lives in more and more day parts (I love Google, btw), it shouldn’t be long before it invests some of its advertising related war chest in energy generation.  I’ve read where they are investing in alternate energy sources (Offshore wind, was it?) and for that I applaud them.  Google’s mission to put “the world’s information one click away” is a tight mission.  As they expand that mission in all directions, is electricity and the next energy technology (bio-atteries?) on the flight plan? We will see.  Peace.