“According to several studies, showing or simply feeling gratitude has mental health benefits, including promoting a happy frame of mind.”  

The New York Times, Of Interest column, 4/12/2018.

As I think about all the brand strategies I’ve written, I’m hard pressed to come up with a claim and proof array that ties to gratitude. For most brands, gratitude is a tactic used when business is exceptionally good or, conversely, when a market mistake occurs.  Brands, traditionally, don’t do gratitude well.

Some brands, offer to donate a portion of sales to a cause to show consumer concern.  It’s a tactic. Patagonia is cause-based brand, bless their hearts, but not necessarily a gratitude-based brand. When Amazon created Prime, allowing consumers free shipping for one low price, that’s gratitude, but a tactic. When Costco takes back product with nary a question, it’s gratitude. Again, I believe it’s a marketing tactic not a brand plank. That said, I promise to dig a little deeper.  I the meantime, brand owners and brand planners, as my Norwegian aunt might have said “Tink about gratitude in your brand strategies.”