Hispanic Marketing.


I attended a webinar yesterday on Hispanic marketing sponsored up by Michael DellaPenna and the Participatory Marketing Network. Most of the presentation was on social media but a good deal was about marketing in general.  If you write me I’ll forward the slides or the link as they become available.  By the year 2050, the Hispanic population of the U.S. will outnumber the Caucasian pop.  I’m planning on being around when that happens-ish…and can’t wait.  What do you think marketing agencies will look like then?

The Hispanic demo currently indexes higher for use of smartphones, Facebook, Twitter and tech savvy-ness.  It’s not a demo to be taken lightly.  We need to be paying more attention, and now.  But as the presentation stated with a wink and a smile, undertaking a Spanish language program is a lot more than having Hector in accounting do a little translation or some Tweeting.  A thoughtful, strategic, light hand needs to be used in planning and executing these programs.  Hispanic efforts should not be extensions of mass media plans.  There is language, there is culture, and there are a number of unique market segments. The smart brands get this and they are cashing in. 

Everyone needs to pay attention. And everyone needs to start playing.  There’s lots to be learned. The clock is ticking. Peace! steve@whatstheidea.com