How to Avoid Stasis in Business Planning.


As a brand and marketing consultant my job is to “redistribute marketing wealth.” For start-ups I like to create wealth anew. For challengers I target leaders and attempt to sheer off big chunks of revenue. And for companies in leadership positions my mission is to bully their way to greater share.

To most, the phrase “redistribution of wealth” feels like a liberal pursuit. Certainly in politics it suggests the antithesis of free enterprise and capitalism. But not in branding. Not in marketing. It’s all about free enterprise. Marketers who facilitate attitude and actions that change the way people purchase win. Marketers who invest in changes that impact how they sell, behave and go to market, are actively participating in capitalism. Conversely, those who do not invest and who do things the same or incrementally are left bobbing up and down in the market.

Business people who want to redistribute marketing wealth, first and foremost must understand where that wealth comes from. It does not comes from banks, or angel investors or last year’s topline – it comes from consumers. Voters with pocketbook. The best form of free enterprise must include consumers in the equation. If your business plan treats consumer the same, year after year, there will be not wealth redistribution. There will be stasis.