I’ll tell you what’s in a name.



I’m guessing every kid in a America’s least favorite words, behind “Stitches,” are Hydrogen Peroxide. Just say those words – iodine is in third place – and kids eyes tear and their Galvan Skin Response score goes way up. It’s a fact.
So if Hydrogen Peroxide are such scary words for kids why name a cookie after them?  Hydrox. In August, Kellogg is bringing back Hydrox (nemesis of the Oreo) to celebrate the brand’s 100th anniversary, rekindling sales and perhaps mimic Oreo’s growth in China, where Kraft Food’s Oreos have taken off thanks to some smart marketing.
There’s no time left, but Kellogg need a new name for Hydrox before the August launch. The name probably needs to be close enough to Hydox to satisfy older cult followers yet far enough so that kids won’t be repelled. How about Lister-ash? JKJK