Put Zuckerberg Behind the Wheel.

This whole American car thing is getting a little ridiculous. Will someone please strap on a pair of balls and get ahead of the market? Ford is in the news today for cutting 2,000 jobs. GM is in the news today for cutting 2,000 jobs. Could they just be realizing that trucks and SUVs are not their future. Nah. “Let’s cut some jobs.”
Back in the ‘80s GM created a different kind of car company – Saturn — because they thought the purchase experience needed changing. It was in part to compete with the Japanese car juggernaut and to break with GM’s past. The cars were a bit smaller too. It wasn’t a great reason to create a new company.  Today we have a reason. 

So, how about one of the big three step up and create car brand that is all about conserving energy and resources? Might that not be a good idea for today? Might it not be a brand that kids could rally behind? Are kids the car market of the future? I mean Ford is talking about car seats made of corn starch or some crap to prove its commitment, but it is just not believable. 

We need a new American car brand created by Mark Zuckerberg and friends, not some geeze-mobile from Detroit.  (All deference to Steve Yzerman.)