Last 5 Years.


I worked on a branding assignment a number of years ago for Hospice Care Network. It was fascinating.  End of life is not something many younger people are familiar with.  One of the behavioral problems facing hospice providers is denial. Hospice care is best meted out 6 months before passing, yet most cases get to hospice 3 weeks before (anecdotal data.) Denial is what we’re facing today when it comes to dealing with the advanced aged.

End of life, especially form a gerontology perspective, is hidden. The elderly are cared for by family caregivers or in nursing homes. I believe there’s a massive business opportunity to develop technology applications to improve the lives of the elderly and I challenge marketers and technologists to think about it.

Let’s call app the Last 5 Years.  

Here’s what the app/device/rigor needs to accomplish. It need to encourage ambulation which, in turn, will help circulation. It needs to assist the aged with balance. It needs to work to delay cognitive loss. Pain management will be needed, as will home help and general entertainment.

How can we accomplish all of these things?  In chunks. One app/device probably won’t work.  (An exercise chair?)

One could argue these things are available in a nursing home. But the fact is, many “Last 5 Year” candidates don’t leave their rooms. They wait for meals between TV shows.   

Let’s tackle this. And let’s start now. Tweet me y9our ideas @spoppe.